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With over 50-years of greenhouse manufacturing expertise and experience you can be sure an Elite Greenhouse is at the forefront of quality and technology. Through generations of modifications and research, Elite Greenhouses are honed to deliver a level of performance that is second to none.

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Elite are proud to offer a high class, hard wearing, powder coated finish to their greenhouses in five attractive colours giving the opportunity to co-ordinate with your garden environment and to place your individual mark on your new product. This extensive process has been thoroughly tried and tested and has been available to customers for over 20 years.

Powder coating gives the greenhouse a professional, attractive finish which is also hard wearing, providing protection to your aluminium frame for many years. It is both an environmentally friendly and cost effective way of applying paint to aluminium as unlike wet paint, which requires the use of solvents, powder coating works using an electrostatic charge to transfer the powder to the aluminium components. The outcome is that it has a much lower impact on our environment.

The coating process continues with the aluminium being heated to a temperature of approximately 200 degrees centigrade in specially designed ovens which melt the powder and then fuse it to the surface of the aluminium forming an incredible, durable, resilient and smooth coating when solidified.

The end results of this special process are that the finish is of exceptional quality and the powder coating gives excellent adhesion to properly pre-treated products. In turn this gives a good depth of colour, makes the frames resistant to UV degradation and offers a life expectancy in excess of 25 years.

The aluminium goes through a seven stage chromate conversion pre-treated facility capable of processing aluminium bars up to 6.2m in length. The frames are then individually wrapped in polythene and labelled for added protection during transportation and storage. Elite then provide nut caps with all powder coated models and accessories to give a nice, clean, professional finish to your product by covering up any unsightly nuts and bolts.

A feature of the Elite powder coating process is that all parts are polythene wrapped which prevents damage during storage and transit.

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