Thanks for the Great Shed and Service. I would definitely recommend the Barra’s Shed Company to my friends and family.

Sturdy treated base arrived when my old shed was taken away 2 days in advance of the build, as arranged to give me time to prepare the ground for my new shed. Even though I bought one of the standard sheds it was of great quality.

Just a little Warning to people Don’t make the mistake I nearly made buying Ronseal Total Wood Preserver as the CLEAR one is NOT WATERPROOF but the COLORED ONES ARE, maybe in hindsight I should have just have got the preserver from the shed company.

This is the second shed I have bought from this company the last one lasted 26 years which the owner told me it was his grandfathers business then, so a nice family business.

Thanks again Barras Sheds
Charlie McLaughlin

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