Please look below to see what’s included in our installation process

Installation Process

1. Cut existing grass layer using heavy duty Turf Cutter.
2. Existing grass disposed of in suitably sized domestic skip.
3. Topsoil layer disposed of in skip.
4. Ground flattened and levelled off by hand using scrapers shovels etc

5. Ground is then compacted using heavy duty vibrating plate.
6. Wooden frame built or pegs pinned around outer edge.
7. Layer of type1 hardcore (crushed rock) spread evenly within framed area.
8. Hardcore is compacted and levelled using heavy duty vibrating plate.

9. Layer of whindust (finely crushed rock) is spread evenly over hardcore layer.
10. Whindust is then levelled off and compacted using heavy duty vibrating plate.
11. Artificial Grass then laid over nicely levelled and flattened ground.
12. Grass provisionally trimmed to around a 50-100mm overlap all round.

13. Grass then cut-in to final exact size.
14. Any joins are then glued together using joining tape and our all-weather extra strong Artificial Grass Adhesive.
15. Grass then pinned round the perimeter to existing frame or pegs.
16. Artificial grass is then brushed against the grain as it may be relatively flat having been rolled up for a number of months.


If ground is made up of topsoil with no existing turf please ignore 1, and 2.

If existing ground is made up of chips or stones we will remove most of them and please ignore 1,2 and 3.