Top Quality Garden Greenhouses Range

The Barras Shed Company have a long standing relationship with Elite Greenhouses who are without doubt the BEST QUALITY suppliers of greenhouses and accessories in the country. We are proud to be associated with this company.

“I cannot recommend this company highly enough. They did everything they said they would do, when they said they would do it. All staff I came into contact with demonstrated straight forward professionalism and expert knowledge all with a friendly attitude.

Compact 4’3ft Wide
Compact Greenhouse elite glasgow
Maxim 4’3ft Wide (High Eaves)
Streamline 5’3ft Wide
Greenhouses glasgow
Delta 5’3ft Wide (High Eaves)
Delta Greenhouse
Igro Polycarbonate greenhouses
Craftsman 6’3ft Wide
Craftsman Greenhouses
High Eave 6’3ft Wide
High Eave Greenhouse toughened glass
Strata 6’3ft Wide (Wider Doors)
Titan 600
Thick titan greenhouse
Thyme 6
Thyme 6 Glasgow Greenhouses
Dwarf Wall 6’3 Wide
Brick Greenhouse
Dwarf Wall 8’5″
brick Greenhouses
Vantage 7’5ft Wide
Large Greenhouse
Titan 700
brick and glass greenhouse
Belmont 8’5ft Wide
Large Greenhouse
double door greenhouse
Titan 800
Thyme 8
Supreme 10’5 Wide
big large greenhouses
Classique 12’5ft Wide
large greenhouses
Titan 1000
Titan 1200
Lean To’s
Easy Grow
Lean-To Greenhouses
sloping greenhouse
Kensington 4
lean to greenhouse
Kensington 6
large lean to greenhouse
Titan K800
flower greenhouses
R Type Lean To
corner greenhouse
R Type Free Stand
wall greenhouse
Small Buildings
Window Garden