Integral aluminium base with ground level access.

The aluminium base is an integral part of the framework and is a standard feature on the Compact, Streamline, Craftsman, High Eave, Belmont, Maxim, Delta, Strata and Vantage.

As standard the doors are “dropped” into Elite’s aluminium base providing a ground level threshold allowing easy access for the user.

The majority of greenhouses are constructed onto a solid foundation surface, however if your greenhouse is being constructed onto soil or grass – you must inform the agent to order this plinth for you.


10’6″ Wide Supreme & 12’6″ Wide Classique.

For extra stability and strength on the larger models we recommend building a brick base. A solid engineering brick should always be used, however, please note that the number of bricks used in the base height will result in a higher step-over into the greenhouse. Overlapping cills demonstrate a need for accuracy when building a brick base.

Elite offer a separate 5″ aluminium base as an optional extra (up to 14′ long), doors can also be dropped into brick work or aluminium base to allow wheelchair and wheelbarrow access, also as an optional extra.


Elite offer a separate 5″ aluminium base on all Lean-To’s as an optional extra. The aluminium base is versatile in that it has the ability to go directly onto soil or grass and can be adapted for any solid foundation, such as concrete or slabs.

The Lean-To base does not have a ground level threshold as standard, however the door(s) can be dropped into the aluminium base / brick work to achieve this.

If you are considering purchasing a Dwarf Wall model, a base plan will be supplied by Elite once the order is confirmed and, if you select the brick base option, please remember that a separate aluminium base is not required. A solid engineering brick, as in one without holes, should always be used.

If you are preparing a “platform” for your greenhouse, remember to build the platform slightly bigger than the greenhouse size, as this gauge is only nominal and the product is actually a few inches bigger.

If you are preparing a brick base for the larger greenhouse, we reiterate that on any of the models the greenhouse will be bigger than its nominal size, therefore please refer to our Technical Details for exact base measurements.

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