This very attractive herb pot has a self-watering system with four removable pockets for individual planting. There is a water reservoir for easy maintenance. Ideal for kitchens, patio’s or greenhouses.

Create a walkway in seconds. Each track consists of 24 panels connected by sturdy link pins to create a three meter long path. It allows safe and easy passage over muddy terrain or gravel.

The Growbag Tray holds a full size grow bag or can be used for 4 standard seed trays, which makes it extremely universal for all growing needs.

The tray is watertight, and so can help prevent the inevitable dirty water from staining your greenhouse floor or benching, whilst at the same time holding water to help prevent your plants drying out during long hot days.

LENGTH: 39.5″ WIDTH: 15.5″ HEIGHT: 2″

Grow at a manageable and comfortable working height with the Veg Table.

Your ‘crop’ is protected from garden pests such as rabbits, snails and insects. It is supplied with a semi-permeable grow liner to assist with drainage. The unique crossed leg frame provides optimum strength and stability.

Available in two sizes…

Medium Veg Table (above left)

This Veg Table is very universal, providing a sizable growing area, yet requiring less than 1 square meter of floor space. This table is the easiest and the most comfortable way to begin growing at home.

HEIGHT: 800mm (31.5″) WIDTH: 1000mm (39.5″) DEPTH: 720mm (28.5″)

Small Herbie (above right)

The ‘Herbie’ is compact enough to be assembled in or out of the greenhouse and is ideal for growing herbs and plants to cook with.

HEIGHT: 800mm (31.5″) WIDTH: 500mm (19.5″) DEPTH: 720mm (28.5″)

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