Originally intended to create an individual and yet professional decorative finish to your greenhouse, it has been noted by many a grower that they can now double up as a deterrent against cats and birds gaining access to the greenhouse roof.

Can be powder coated

Additional strength to your greenhouse framework can be provided by the Aluminium T bar which is available in 12″, 24″ or 36″ lengths and used as eave or ridge bracing.

Please check when ordering your greenhouse which Cantilevers come as standard with your chosen model.

Can be powder coated

With the exception of the GX range, you require a base of some description whether it is timber, aluminium or brick so as to allow the door(s) to slide in the overhanging bottom track.

We can offer an integral aluminium base with ground level access on all greenhouses up to 8′ wide (Compact, Streamline, Craftsman, High Eave and Belmont)

We offer a separate 5″ tall aluminium base on all the other models. Aluminium is provided as it will not discolour or rust and can also be powder coated to suit your greenhouse unlike other base materials. Opting for an aluminium base not only eliminates the need for the traditional brick base but also allows you to sit the greenhouse straight onto any solid foundation, soil or grass. Elite’s aluminium bases can only be guaranteed to fit an Elite greenhouse.
See also Base Legs

If you have built a brick base our anchoring kit, which consists of 10 unequal aluminium angles, plastic plugs and stainless steel screws, is a useful acquisition. The aluminium angles are bolted to the cill and then with the use of the plug and screws, are secured to the brickwork. See also Angle Bracket See also Base Legs

These unequal angle brackets fit into the pre-machined bolt slots located in the Elite aluminium base to provide a secure attachment to a solid foundation.

For use with the Brick Base Anchoring Kit

Aluminium base legs bolt to the base corners and therefore make it possible to anchor the greenhouse to the ground and are also useful to use as angle sections. Replacement legs need to be purchased if you have concreted your aluminium base into the ground and now wish to move your greenhouse.

Pack size: 4

For use with the Separate Base

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