Elite provide the next generation of work area support for your greenhouse with the Diamond Series of staging and shelving.

– Made from extruded aluminium giving a stronger and thicker material.
– Can be fitted to any Elite greenhouse or lean-to.
– Cantilever bracing attaches directly onto the framework structure adding extra strength and stability.
– Accommodates the diagonal braces within an Elite building, and thus allowing for the first time a “fixed” shelf or staging which can fill the full width or length of your greenhouse.
– Neater and professional finish.
– No visible legs – your work space is increased through allowing for additional storage space beneath the staging.
– Can be adjusted in height, allowing the user to sit directly at the bench whilst working.
– Provides added benefits for wheelchair users.
– Slatted design allowing for extra ventilation to any produce placed on the work surface.
– Ideal for fluid drainage, compared with traditional designs.

Modular staging offers affordable utility, storage and maximum working areas specific for your chosen model of greenhouse.

Individually packaged, these lightweight units are an ideal choice.

Modular Staging is available in the following widths…

12″ wide double or triple tier – 2″ deep trays 18″ wide Double tier – 1″ deep trays 20″ wide double or triple tier – 2″ deep trays 23″ wide double or triple tier – 2″ deep trays

Flexibility is the key to the success of this popular wooden series. Made from sturdy Portuguese pine and available in four sizes, this double tier structure can be erected or folded away instantly thanks to its removable galvanised bracing stays allowing the staging to be easily transported.

Standard Length 4ft Width 14″ Height 31.5″

Standard Length 6ft Width 14″ Height 31.5″

Professional Length 4ft Width 21″ Height 31.5″ Professional Length 6ft Width 21″ Height 31.5″

The Potting Bench’s working height is ideal for any concentrated task, such as the potting or transportation of fledging plants, making what was previously an arduous back breaking task, effortless. The 2″ front lip prevents spillage and the working area comes complete with a 4″ diameter hole allowing access for any wastage to be collected in the hopper below which is large enough to store an ample supply of compost and additional pots.

Width 23″ Depth 20″ Height Front 35.5″ Height Back 44″

Can be powder coated

At 24″ long and 22″ deep, the potting tidy is a hard-wearing, sturdy and washable work tool with many uses. Made from durable plastic, finished in green, it provides an excellent working area, ideal for messy jobs, and with its 8.5″ high back and perimeter lip, it keeps its contents in place.

Can be used in conjunction with most staging.

Made from high quality aluminium, the All Slatted Bench offers hard wearing performance and flexibility, an ideal choice for any greenhouse. Available in one size only, this two tiered platform allows the gardener to control the slat widths, thus tailoring it for any requirement, thus becoming very useful during the winter months when plants need more ventilation and less water.

Width 20.5″ Length 47″ Height 34″

Can be powder coated


A great all round working companion which combines double tier staging and two high level shelves in one unit.

Potting Tidy sold seperately.

Width 35″ Depth 22″ Height Front 32″ Height Back 50″

Can be powder coated

These high quality, lightweight aluminium frames are maintenance free, space saving and easily movable and come complete with seed trays. Available in two sizes, 3 and 5 tiers, with each tier accommodating a maximum of three trays, making it an ideal tool for over-wintering tender garden plants, germination and growing-on of seedlings prior to planting out.

Seed trays included.

3 Tier Width 14″ Length 30″ Height 32″

5 Tier Width 14″ Length 30″ Height 50″ Can be powder coated

Grow at a manageable and comfortable working height with the Veg Table.

Your ‘crop’ is protected from garden pests such as rabbits, snails and insects. It is supplied with a semi-permeable grow liner to assist with drainage. The unique crossed leg frame provides optimum strength and stability.

Available in two sizes…

Medium Veg Table (above left)

This Veg Table is very universal, providing a sizable growing area, yet requiring less than 1 square meter of floor space. This table is the easiest and the most comfortable way to begin growing at home.

HEIGHT: 800mm (31.5″) WIDTH: 1000mm (39.5″) DEPTH: 720mm (28.5″)

Small Herbie (above right)

The ‘Herbie’ is compact enough to be assembled in or out of the greenhouse and is ideal for growing herbs and plants to cook with.

HEIGHT: 800mm (31.5″) WIDTH: 500mm (19.5″) DEPTH: 720mm (28.5″)

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